[CM] cm with chicken

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 1 07:30:10 PST 2009

> using chicken 3.0.0 fixes the issue, but as I'm currently working with
> 3.4.0 I prefer to keep  that version as my system default. Anyway, I
> managed to get it working just regenerating the bridge:

well thats great to hear ! but i woudnt declare victory till you've  
actually eval'ed a few realtime algorithms to see if it all runs.

> Remember that libchicken is not being linked by default, some final
> makefile tweaking is needed.

with the premake i made last night it links with chicken no problems.   
ill post it to svn in an hour or so.

> Wouldn't it be better if you could pass
> the include/lib directories for the installed dependencies (juce,
> chicken, sndlib) instead of the src for the uninstalled ones?

it depends, the problem is you cant make a static link that way, at  
least I couldnt get it to do that, it would always take the shared  
lib. shared libs are nice if you are building from scratch but not for  
delivering  drag and drop apps. im sure i could add some premake -- 
option for linking to /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib  [maybe  
the option could be --installed-chicken  ??]

> One more question, is juce really needed if I only want to build cm  
> (not grace)?

yes  but use bin/cm instead of Grace -- bin/cm has no gui components ,  
its a console app that will work in Emacs or  whatever.

> Best regards
> -Carlos

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