[CM] Grace with Fomus beta2

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Aug 13 19:07:29 PDT 2009

a beta2 binary of grace with fomus and sndlib is temporarily available  
at (all one line):


fomus: important bug fixes, title and author settings added, examples  
in fomusexamples.sal now use explicit output filenames.

cm:  ive switched to bill's new read-time macroexpander. the CM macros  
'process' 'loop' and all functions that have opt/key args use this new  
feature , which should make calling these things in "real time" much  
cleaner. however this is a very pervasive and lowlevel change so if  
you have trouble with anything please let me know.  ive also been able  
to get scheme errors to pop the Console window to the top as well as  
beep, and i fixed a bug where i wasnt closing the string output ports  
i was opening!

if you build from svn you MUST download and install the latest sndlib  
tarball because im depending on bill's 'define-expansion' feature  
being there.


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