[CM] linux nits

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Aug 12 06:34:54 PDT 2009

i finally got midi sound on my linux virtual machine working and with  
the sendMessageNow() patch 2 voices at .125 rate sounds quite steady  
with processes in lock step. thanks to all who helped improve this!

i notice two other issues:

1 copy/paste mechanism doesn seem to work except inside the app. im  
just using juce copy/paste lieven mentioned some x pasteboard -- if  
thats what i need to use any idea how i would intergrate that into the  
app? it would be nice to copy from a terminal or emacs and be able to  
paste into a grace editor for example.

2 when my mouse is idle  hovering over a menubar menu, or idle in a  
text editor, some process somewhere starts periodically turning my  
mouse pointer in to a "spinning ball" icon (the ball has little dots  
in it  but i dont  know what they mean...) and then turning it back  
into a pointer about a second later.   this happens once every 4 to  
six seconds. any idea what could be doing this or what the icon  
means?  I didnt notice this on andrews box and wonder what it could be  
due to. it seems to happen more frequently when i have a midi  
connection made but im not sure. it also happens without any connection.

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