[CM] freshmeat

Markus Eichhoff eichhoff at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Sun Aug 9 10:37:01 PDT 2009

Congratulations to the new version. But I better stay with the older
version. Because if I update everything (cm, grace, sndlib etc. etc.) then
perhaps it won't work again. ;-) My version now where copy+paste works
fine is good for me.

I will write the code now with MATLAB because I had some problems to write
the normal distributed random parameters for the inputs of the
instrument-calls with Scheme or Grace or whatever...
Now I will built normal distributed parameter-vectors (e.g. 20 vor 20
tones)for perhaps 3-4 parameters. Then I will write with Matlab and
fwritef(...) the code that I insert then in Grace and execute it and save
the wav-files.

If somebody knows how the stiffness-table in piano.scm is created, you
could mail me, please. I writed to Mr. Van Duyne, but didn't get any
answer yet. I don't know where to get information about each parameter of
this piano model. In the paper of Mr. Van Duyne about the commuted piano I
also don't find any hints.

Best regards and a nice sunday evening and good luck with the bugs that
won't like to disappear (but they will, I am sure. ;-))


> I am removing Snd from freshmeat.
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