[CM] Snd-Emacs Problems

James ja.lira0 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 18:20:42 PDT 2009

I recently compiled snd-10 from daily sources with the default S7-scheme.
I'm trying to get it working in emacs.

See my .emacs below. I'm not sure how to set the program-name variables. Is
snd-s7 an executable?

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/bin/snd-10/")
(autoload 'run-snd-scheme "inf-snd" "Start inferior Snd-Scheme process" t)
(autoload 'run-snd-ruby "inf-snd" "Start inferior Snd-Ruby process" t)
(autoload 'run-snd-forth "inf-snd" "Start inferior Snd-Forth process" t)
(autoload 'snd-scheme-mode "inf-snd" "Load snd-scheme-mode." t)
(autoload 'snd-ruby-mode "inf-snd" "Load snd-ruby-mode." t)
(autoload 'snd-forth-mode "inf-snd" "Load snd-forth-mode." t)

;; ;; These variables should be set to your needs!
;; (setq inf-snd-scheme-program-name "snd-s7 -notehook")
;; (setq inf-snd-ruby-program-name "snd-ruby -notebook")
;; (setq inf-snd-forth-program-name "snd-forth")
(setq inf-snd-working-directory "~/bin/snd-10/")
(setq inf-snd-index-path "~/bin/snd-10/")

;; inf-snd-prompt-char         ">"           listener prompt
;; snd-ruby-mode-hook          nil           to customize snd-ruby-mode
;; snd-scheme-mode-hook         nil           to customize snd-scheme-mode
;; snd-forth-mode-hook         nil           to customize inf-snd-forth-mode

Emacs loads everything with no errors but when I try to switch to snd-scheme
mode the *Message* buffer gives me this:

Loading /home/james/bin/snd-10/inf-snd.el (source)...
eval-buffer: Cannot open load file: ruby-mode
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