[CM] [newbie] Is CLM the right tool for me?

Thomas Baruchel tbaruchel at laposte.net
Wed Apr 29 12:35:03 PDT 2009

Hi, after almost twenty years of interruption, I am now trying to
compose music again, and I currently look at all Linux software in order
to find the best one for me. I am mostly interested by scripted
languages; I must say that my favorite programming language is Scheme.

What I want is something that would allow me to focus on composition as
well as on the sound of each note. I am trying to undertand what is the
best for me between csound, cml, nyquist, etc.

I am composing serial-music; short pieces with few notes, but each one
has to be exactly what I want.

In the beginning I will surely not be able to build my own instruments;
I need to already have some good ones. A community with resources and
collections of ready-to-use instruments would be a good thing, but I
noticed that snd comes with read-to-use instruments.

In the beginning I need "acoustic" classical instruments rather than
electronic sounds (but I may later need them).

I am quite interested by the idea of "physical modelling" and I tried
the piano, but the first test is not enough to let me know if it is
usable for getting some nice to listen to MP3. Piano, violin, organ,
would be my first need.

The Scheme version of CLM seems to be very close to what I am looking
for, but I couldn't understand if the score-part suits my needs.

I compose slowly with few notes; I can accept that one note takes some
time to be typed, but I absolutely need to produce some contrapunctical
combinations, with several notes at the same time, one long note while
several short notes (including rests) occur, etc. Could you give me an
example of how you would get such a combination with the scheme-piano
instrument? (say for instance: a long C while a short D occur then a
short rest then a short E, and then both the initial C and the E finish
together). What if another instrument (say a violin) plays at the same
time? Is it possible?

Assuming that I don't have what the instrument I need, can clm handle

Can I get a CD-wav quality output 44100 Hz for converting to a
high-quality MP3?

Best regards,

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