[CM] Triggers

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 7 16:49:26 PDT 2009

> Well, this seems convenient, but it's a bit of a hack, don't you  
> think? You're basically embedding a metalanguage in the Lisp  
> comments. A somewhat ugly metalanguage at that, with lots of syntax,  
> hard to debug.

I dont think xml is a hack at all and allowing it to be parsed from  
comments isnt a hack ether. if you dont like xml then dont use it!   
you can attach a
trigger using the menu systems and dialogs. or just do C-x C-e  all  
day if you want.  i made it xlm so that it can be saved in the  
preferences file and actitaved when you start up.

> Will cm eventually become unusable without Grace?

it has nothing to do with cm at all. a convenience in the EDITOR, so  
you can trigger bits of code easily and interactilbe. it is not scheme.

> Couldn't it just be a regular function or macro?
> (define-trigger ...)

in any case your define-trigger would have to be itself in a comment   
or you would be re-evaluating it when you evaluated your buffer, which  
would make no sense. but it would not be hard to add that funcion,  
internally it would just send an xml string over from scheme, but then  
you have to pick your window would you send it to.

> You would pass it a function to be executed when the trigger is  
> activated.

i already have this, its called a midi input hook and its a very fast,  
direct connection  to ascynconous input in scheme

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