[CM] Example error in common music dictionary

Alexandre Ficagna alrefi at ibest.com.br
Tue Apr 7 15:48:09 PDT 2009


I was studying Patterns topic in CM2 and got errors trying to do Example 3
(Creating patterns programatically).
Part of the error message says:

LOOP ERROR: 'each' does not support initializations.
clause context: 'EACH K IN (NEXT PAT T)'

I tried many things (actually I'm a beginner, so it complicates a lot), and
it did work when I substituted line:

    each k in (next <file:///usr/local/lisp/cm/doc/dict/next-fn.html>
pat #t) as x from 0 by rate

by these two lines:

for x from 0 by rate
each k in (next <file:///usr/local/lisp/cm/doc/dict/next-fn.html> pat #t)

the console gave me no error messages, by I think the sound result was not
the expected (it should vary each evaluation, but keeps the same).

How can I correct this?

Alexandre Ficagna
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