[CM] CM 3 / Linux cant see midi ports.

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Apr 4 05:01:25 PDT 2009

On Apr 4, 2009, at 12:17 AM, Neil Baylis wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> Well it was a little more complicated than I expected.. but it's  
> working now.
> First, I decided to try the cm from svn, so I built that, but cm &  
> Grace complained that libsndlib.so could not be found (at runtime..  
> the build went smoothly). I have the library in /usr/local/lib, but  
> specifying that as the sndlib path in the premake line didn't work.  
> However, when I copied the library to /usr/lib, the apps then  
> started up OK. So there might be some problem with the way it looks  
> for libsndlib.so. The premake option works for the build, but seems  
> not to be propagated to the runtime library load.

the whole linux midi port stuff is a disgrace. even when i manage to  
open a port on linux then the cursor starts spinning.  i dont know  
what to do about it, this is several layers beneath my software.

dont use shared linking , just use the .a linking.  if there is a .so  
lying around then the linker wont use the .a version even thouth i  
tell it to. i dontk know what to do about this.
someone added logic to my premake.lua for specifying /usr/lib  
installation  prefix but i guess it doesnt work.

> I wish I had the entire score for that piece. (I just have the first  
> page). I do have a recording to refer to though.

  the whole score appears in several music theory books. i think it is  
less than a page total. you might look in the last few chapters of  
"Tonal Harmony: With an Introduction To Twentiety Centry Music" by  
Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne, it might be there.

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