[CM] CM 3 / Linux cant see midi ports.

taube at illinois.edu taube at illinois.edu
Fri Apr 3 14:41:12 PDT 2009

I think you have to do this:

1 start grace
2 start qjackctl
3 click on the Connect button in the main window
4 click on the Alsa tab in the connections window
5 Click on "Juce Midi Output" in the Output Ports pane
6 click on whatever you want in the Input Ports pane (I use Timidity, which sound pretty good)
7 Click on the Connect button
8 Select the Grace application again
9 select the same output device in the MidiOut menu
10 use Test Midi to test the sound

what could be simpler!!

ps im glad to see that someone else can build from sources ;)   the current svn makes this process even easier -- cm has the juce sources built in so you no longer need to instal/configurel/build a juce lib. the new method works great on linux mac and windows.   to use these "amalgamated" juce  sources instead of an external juce installation omit any --juce option from premake and it'll use the preconfigured juce sources cm has in its source tree

premake --verbose --target gnu --sndlib /path/to/sndlib

and away you go. its pretty cool.

---- Original message ----
>Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 09:37:35 -0700
>From: Neil Baylis <neil.baylis at gmail.com>  
>Subject: CM 3 / Linux cant see midi ports.  
>To: Heinrich Taube <taube at uiuc.edu>
>   Hi Rick,
>   I've been having fun with cm3 on Mac (You previously helped me with
>   opening midi ports & using emacs). Now I'm installing it on some Linux
>   boxes and have run into a problem with ports.
>   I got everything compiled OK, and both Grace and cm run, but they
>   can't see any audio or midi devices. I know the devices are there,
>   because I have Linuxsampler running, and I can use pmidi to send midi
>   files to it, and they play correctly. Qsynth/fluidsynth also works
>   correctly. I'm using ALSA, and I configured sndlib using the
>   --with-alsa option. (Configuring it without this option made no
>   difference).
>   If I run command-line cm, I see the following:
>   neil at doctor:~/packages/cm/bin$ cm
>   JUCE v1.46 (c) 2009 Julian Storer
>   SndLib 20.11 (c) 2009 William Schottstaedt
>    /\\\
>   ---\\\---------
>   ----\\\--------
>   ----/\\\------- Common Music 3.2.4
>   ---/--\\\------
>   --/----\\\-----
>    /      \\\/
>   cm> (ports)
>   (("midi.port"))
>   cm>
>   Pmidi lists the Linuxsampler port correctly:
>   neil at doctor:~/midi$ pmidi -l
>    Port     Client name                       Port name
>    14:0     Midi Through                      Midi Through
>   Port-0
>   128:0     LinuxSampler                      Port 0
>   neil at doctor:~/midi$ 
>   So it seems not to see any ports for some reason. If you have any
>   ideas about this, I'd love to hear them. Alternatively, if there's
>   some other place I should be asking for help, please let me know.
>   (I did run into a problem building cm. When it attempted to link
>   sndlib, it was looking for sndlib.a but the library built in sndlib
>   was actually called libsndlib.a. I copied libsndlib.a to sndlib.a, and
>   cm then linked successfully. I doubt this is related to the problem
>   though.)
>   Thanks,
>   Neil Baylis

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