[CM] generator-processor approach

stephane boussuge s_boussuge at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 14 01:14:04 PDT 2008

Hi ,
How can i process the output of a process for example filtering them or other processing.

For example i can make a process who output pink noise notes (h.taube sal example in grace)
How can i for example removes doubles or repetitions from this generation or how to process in general this output.

define process pink(smpl,scale,trsp,rate,chnl)  
;;pink noise mapped on key  
run     repeat smpl    
for k = discrete(ranpink(), -1, 1, scale)    
for r = rate    send "mp:midi", key: transpose (k,trsp), chan: chnl , dur: r    
wait r  

define variable dorian = scale(21, 48, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2)



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