[CM] Splicing sections

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 10 12:43:57 PDT 2008

it sounds like you are using cm2 so ill assume that in this  
answer...first, if you know how long the sections are ahead of time  
then you can simply start them at the appropriate times, say 0 30 90:

(events (list (intro) (main) (conclusion))
         '(0 30 90))

if you dont knwo how long they last you can use the 'finally' statment  
to chain them:

(defun intro ()
   (process ...
            output ...
            finally (sprout (main) :at (now))))

(defun main ()
   (process ...
            finally (sprout (conclusion ) :at (now))))

(events (intro)

hope this helps!

On Sep 10, 2008, at 2:14 PM, Ross Mohn wrote:

> I'm trying to do what I think should be a simple task, but I can't  
> seem
> to get my head around it. I'm probably missing the obvious.
> I have a piece with a couple of introductory sections, then the main
> part, and finally the conclusion. Each is defined in a separate  
> function
> with its own _process_ statement (Lisp, not SAL). How do I easily  
> splice
> these together end-to-end. Does the absolute time parameter to _now_
> help me? I'd rather not have to calculate the elapsed score time
> manually. Do I have to keep track of it in a global variable?
> Thanks -Ross
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