[CM] cm3 & s7 in xemacs?

andersvi at extern.uio.no andersvi at extern.uio.no
Mon Nov 17 12:05:33 PST 2008

>>>>> "B" == Bill Sack <bsack23 at gmail.com> writes:

    B> or even (dare i ask) cmn?

Some years ago i made a guile-translation of cmn.  It sort of worked at
the time, but checking now i cant make it compile any output-files.  It
might be a good place to start for brave souls.

As i remember it now, the CLOS-part was easy to port to guiles various

The main showstopper at the time were 2:

very slow 

CMN heavily using multiple name-spaces (ie. 'staff and 'staff are both a
function and a variable) and only a single name-space in scheme.  The
translation from 2003 used capitalized variable-names to distinguis them
ie. '(staff ...) and 'Staff

You can download it here, and see how far you get:



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