[CM] external processing of selection/region and trasparent replacment ..

ilya .d errordeveloper at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 21:04:40 PST 2008


as i was mentioning earlier,
i have project to get snd to send pcm data to be processed by pd,
os it'd save a selection (region) as a separate file, send a msg to pd and
then after pd is done snd will try to apply changes too ..

i have tryed to change a region file externaly, and actually snd still
had it the same ;(

in fact i want to get a little version control over it,
just one step undo/rendo, "play original" / "play processed" option ..

i'm going to try a basic like:

(if (selection?)
(save-selection "/tmp/file-01:orig.sf")
(define point01 (selection-position))
;; here we do the processing and end up with "/tmp/file-01:edit.sf"
(insert-sound "/tmp/file-01:edit.sf" :beg p1)
;; might also (view-sound "/tmp/file-01:edit.sf")
;; and (view-sound "tmp/file-01:orig.sf") to see them both ;))

a better way would be to use regions ..
can a region be edited externaly ?
is there any hook for that??

best regards,
ilya .д 

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