[CM] Which CM CLM

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat May 17 05:38:38 PDT 2008

On possibility i have been thinking about would be to just move the  
commonlisp clm3 (or clm4) lisp sources to r5rs scheme and to then  
replace the current  FFI.lisp with different FFI.scm for different  
schemes (ie ffi-guile.scm ffi-chicken.scm ...) My guess is this system  
would run basically as fast as sbcl clm3 since most of the stuff  
happens in C anyway. My main reluctance is that as bill says this code  
is not main clm branch that runs in snd and im not smart enough to  
port this code. on the other hand clm3 works really well, is pretty  
fast and is not a large system. Still it would be a fair amount of  
work to port it to scheme, albeit most of the work is very  
straightforward translation from common lisp to scheme syntax, and  
recasting some defclass with define-records. If anyone would be  
willing to help out on this work please send me a note. I probably  
wont do it if im the only one working on it!

> In regard to CLM, I think the Scheme version is better
> than the Common Lisp version, mainly because
> I much prefer working in Snd.  The CM work however
> has gone toward Chicken scheme and Juce, and
> Snd can't deal with either one.   There's no "technical"
> roadblock -- just my aversion to C++ and hard work,
> and Chicken doesn't know what the word "embed"
> means, and I'm having too much fun with sound
> synthesis to bear knuckling down to that kind of
> frantic cut-and-curse-for-a-month programming.

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