[CM] Which CM CLM

Tom Brooke tom.brooke at gmail.com
Fri May 16 09:15:23 PDT 2008

I have the Notes from Metalevel book and want to start learning CM and CLM I 
have downloaded a couple of versions and I am trying to decide on the best way 
to proceed under Ubuntu. It looks like I can:

    1. Run them both plus CMN under Sbcl - I installed the cd and CM come up 
interactively without problem and I assume it wouldn't be difficult to set 
things up in Emacs.

     2. Set up Grace and /or GraceCL - this looks like a slimmed down emacs 
and I get a choice of Scheme or lisp - An advantage since I know more scheme 
than lisp. ALso it looks like it might be an easier learning environment

      3. Use CM and CLM with Snd. This looks promising since snd 9.5 runs fine 
on my system with jack and it looks like I have the choice of running cm 
within snd or else calling snd with emacs. Plus I have the other snd 
capablilities I can use. 

I may have answered my own question but I wasn't sure whether all the means of 
running CM and CLM are comparable and which way would serve me best in the 

Tom Brooke

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