[CM] Multipart in a "process"

Aykut Caglayan aykut_caglayan at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 04:14:15 PDT 2008

I try to generate multipart music (with different rhythmic values) within the same 'process', because all parts have to get their values serially from the same set. 

(defun cellular (mal)
      (process for i below mal
	       for amp1 = (if (= (nth 0 (nth i set-1)) 0) 0 0.6)
	       for key1 = (if (= am0 0.6) (nth (pop set-2) set-3)  124)
	       for dur1 = (if (= (nth 0 (nth i set-4)) 1) (if (eq (set 'a (length (1leri-bul (pop set-5)))) 0) .5 (/ 0.5 a)) .5)
               for amp2 = ....
               for key2 = .... etc
output (new midi ...: duration 
sprout (new midi

That "wait" clause determines all of the rhythmic values, although the ":duration"al values are different.

To define different functions (as many as parts) and use as (events (list ..)); don't serve my purpose.

How to settle this handicap? 

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