[CM] Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group @ UCSC with David Cope and Peter Elsea - Sunday May 11

Noah Thorp noah at listenlabs.com
Fri May 9 20:33:13 PDT 2008

Hi Bob,

Regular video taping is still in the works. But, when regular videoing 
occurs the plan is to post them for general viewing via website, you 
tube, etc. A few presentations (some footage of Chris Chafe, Jaron 
Lanier, and Ge @ Expression) have made it onto video. The footage is 
still in its raw form. Stay tuned :)

All the best,
Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group (BArCMuT)
> Since I live in Connecticut, it is a little too far to travel for this
> meeting much as I would like to be there. If someone could manage a
> video recording, I would purchase a copy.
> Bob

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