[CM] improved csound port win32/osx

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon May 5 06:09:51 PDT 2008

ive updated the beta grace/cm3 binaries with improvements to csound  

o csound port now processes audio correctly on windows
o can send string pfield data (csound allows 1 pfield per statement to  
be a string)
o port can be in score capture mode even if port is open
o port can record realtime output to score
o new methods added to port :"cs:score" "cs:clear" cs:record"  
"cs:print" "cs:play"

documentation on the new methods is here:






ive included the dependant csound libs in the windows zip but I cant  
get it to use the libs so you may have to put them in c:/program files/ 
csound/bin  . if someone knows how to get .dll loading from the app  
directory on windows please let me know

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