[CM] graceCL issue

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu, 20 Mar 2008 11:11:20 -0500

>> what does the unix terminal print out when you quit Lisp in grace?
> That might be the problem - I didn't quit lisp before exiting grace.  
> I presume I should but it might be useful to send lisp a quit order  
> as part of the exit script in grace (or possible a dialog box  
> confirming that I'm about to quit lisp the way xemacs does).

thansk this is a bug, it should definately be sending a quit signal to  
lisp via the socket when you exit the app. Im not sure what is going  
wrong here.

> Oded
> PS - were you able to track the problem with freeverb not working in  
> grace, or am I the only one encountering this? nrev is working but  
> freeverb does sound better.

Are you able to successfully use freeverb in SBCL/clm from the  
terminal or emacs/slime? if so ill take a look otherwise i dont see  
how graceCL itself can be the issue here.

> 3) This might be acurrent feature but I can only start graceCL from  
> grace-1.0-etc/bin directory. Otherwise it can't find it's files even  
> if I specify full directory path. (I have it installed under my home  
> directory not under /usr/share or something like that). It might be  
> nicer to have it working more like any other linux application.

  for some reason on linux i dont get the absouute pathname to the  
executable when it starts even when I ask for it, i get the path that  
was typed in the shell i guess. i dont really understand why this is  
happening or how to get the abslute pathname. ill poke around.