[CM] Snd 9.8

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 12 Mar 2008 06:45:50 -0700

Snd 9.8:

more rt improvements and a major bugfix in snd-gtk.scm thanks to Kjetil
  (new files: rt-faust.scm and rt-DotEmacs)

  ncos and nsin generators (eventually replace sum-of-cosines and sum-of-sines)
  nrxysin (replacing sine-summation) and nrxycos generators
  polywave (replacing polyshape and waveshape)
  firmant (the Mathews/Smith formant; the old form, mfilter, has been moved to snd9.scm)
  env-any for envelopes with arbitrary functions to connect the dots (not in CL/CLM)
  make-env envelope can be made up of embedded lists: '((0 0) (1 1)) (thanks to Kjetil)
    this also applies to envelopes in Snd.
  defgenerator (generators.scm)
    all the generators in generators.scm changed to reflect the nrxycos style of arguments
  removed mus-cosines (use mus-length, old form is in snd9.scm)
  changed the gain calculation in the formant generator (a long-standing bug)
    mus-formant-radius removed (use mus-scaler, snd9.scm has old form)
    "gain" argument removed from make-formant
    frequency and radius argument order reversed in make-formant 
       (snd9.scm has old-make-formant)
    added 3rd optional argument to formant for frequency change
  mus-name can be set
  the "stream" arg to outa and friends now defaults to *output* 
    *output* (last arg to out* and last arg to in*) can be a function (not in CL/CLM)
    make-locsig defaults to *output* and *reverb* output locations (also make-move-sound)
  with-sound tries to be more informative in case of an error if run-safety is not 0
  CL/CLM: clm3.lisp has obsolete stuff previously in ffi.lisp.
          opencml support on linux 86-64 and ppc
          sbcl support on netbsd, cmucl on sparc, etc
          the cl/clm tarball is now clm-4.tar.gz
          "error" called in run loop tries to call lisp "error" (rather than exit)

added clm4 and snd9 to the *features* lists.

7 more animals in animals.scm

1 more generator in generators.scm

checked: gtk 2.12.8 and 2.13.0, Gauche 0.8.13, sbcl 1.0.14|15, guile 1.8.4, clisp 2.44, cmucl 19e

Thanks!: Kjetil Matheussen, Arthur Green, Timothy E Johnson, Oded Ben-Tal