[CM] CM and Knowledge Representation

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed, 5 Mar 2008 08:29:49 -0600

> My only requisite (because I have to do this for an Artificial
> Intelligence course) is that I have to use some form of knowledge
> representation (this is what the teacher asked me), but I'm not really
> sure what to represent, and how.

well, i dont want to answer that one too much since its what your  
teacher wants you to think about! however CM is implemented in Lisp,  
which is the Mother of All AI Languages and it would be  
straightforward for example to use Lisp lists to represent your  
"knowledge base" and then implement whatever code you want to  
processes these lists. People have beeen using Lisp for over 50 years  
to do exactly this. Any Intro to AI book will have chapters on  
forward and backward chaining systems implemented in lisp, scheme  
books will have examples of problem solving with call-with-current- 
continuation, etc. there are also a number of constraint systems  
written in lisp.

> I mean, is there any way to use some
> language to represent knowledge together with Common Music?

with respect to cm, since its just lisp you can implement anything  
you want with it. for example if yo wre interested in Markov, your  
project could use cm to parse input data (importing midi files etc)  
and then use the markov-analyze function  to compute markov chains  
and patterns that implement them from the data you bring in. you can  
use cm's scorefile functions to genreate your output in most common  
formats (.mid .clm .aiff .sco etc)

> Thanks, Carlo
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