[CM] gracecl, plotter etc

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed, 5 Mar 2008 07:23:40 -0600

> o as far as i see, you don't plan to integrate plotter into gracecl.  
> would it be a lot of work?

hello johannes plotter is part of the base c++ code in both apps.  i  
simply havent had time to work on its feature set as ive been trying  
implement rt audio and port io. I will go back to plotter as soon as i  
get score buffer functionality added to ports. im close to having it  
working for csound.  Once ports have score buffers all port menus will  
boast a "Display.." option that sends the current score buffer  
contents to plotter for GUI editing.

> (with scheme-grace, i have no interface to notation-software,  
> right?, so it would be great
> to have both - plotter and fomus/mid in one application).

a couple of comments. first, fomus is in the process of being  
converted from Common Lisp to C++ , you can track its current state at  
its new home:
once David has a libfomus I will implement a Fomus port in Grace and  
you will be able to send data to it from scheme.

second, you can  get notation out of grace right now if you have use  
the interapplication bus to route midi port output to a notation  
Jake Rundall was able to do this using Sibelius last week -- he put  
Sibelius in "record mode" with a measure countoff, then switched to  
Grace and evalled a sprout on the downbeat. The result was realtime  
midi data appearing in the Sibelus score. it was pretty cool to see.

third, there is a project now underway here a uiuc that will contain a  
public domain, flexible, common practice notation tool implemented in  
JUCE with GUI windows and wysiwyg pdf output. Andrew actaully has  
score lines and crossplatform music fonts going, ill send a screenshot  
to the list once the first note appears :)

> o in scheme-grace, i get the following error while launching:

If you are on a mac you can fix this problem by activating the  
Interappliation Bus using the Audio/Midi Setup app.  the error is not  
really a big deal, we attempt to open midi port[0] at startup, this is  
legacy code as we were working on the midi ports that will not be in  
the next release (since I am adding score buffers to ports their  
default state will be closed when Grace starts up.) If you are on  
linux i think you use jack to define a port (sorry i forget exactly  
what to do, ill have to add a note about this in the documentation)