[CM] duration equivalent on snd-rt

Juan I Reyes juanig at Maginvent.ORG
Mon, 03 Mar 2008 12:11:13 -0500


On CLM-3 and SND I get the actual duration of a sound (number of
samples) by assigning the 'end' variable the following operation:

  (end (* dur *srate*)

where dur is a defined parameter on definstrument or define* (scheme).

How can I handle the same expression on snd-rt, since AFAIK in
real-time, the duration parameter is arbitrary. Do I average or is there
like a system handling mechanism which takes care of this issue?.

The reason for this question is that in the case of delay-lines, lengths
are pretty much function of durations and sampling-rate.

Thanks a lot,

  --* Juan Reyes