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Hi Carlo,

At Tue, 24 Jun 2008 23:07:43 +0200,
Mr.SpOOn wrote:
> I'd like to use CM with some software to represent some knowledge. I
> mean in combination with an inference engine, so that I can write
> rules and facts and get to some conclusion. An idea is to find the
> tonality of a melody analyzing the notes.
> Searching I've seen that in some workshop talked about CM and
> knowledge representation (or inference engine), but I cannot find
> any good article to read.
Although I can't offer any advice on programming and tools, I do know
of a book which covers production rule systems for music theory

Schaffer, John W. and Deron McGee. "Knowledge-Based Programming for
Music Research". 1997. A-R Editions.

(ISBN: 0895793784)

It's quite old now, but it still has some relevance and is quite a
good read. Of course, they work in Prolog but the principles still

Hope that helps.

Richard Lewis
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