[CM] gui: gtk or motif ..

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 17:21:48 PDT 2008

hello list,

i haven't seen much discussion about the GUI of Snd around here ..

personaly i quite like some acpects of motif but some of it is really
lagging ;(

i have tried the gtk version, that looks quite pretty (despite i was
always concerned about the memory usage, and opted motif assuming it
takes less memory cause it's old).
ot be honest at first snd-gtk did look kindda redicuous to me at first
but now i see why it is like that i do really appreciate this way;
alternative to the typical gnome/gtk apps design, e.g. the file open
dialogue doesn't have the normal icons ..i acually see now that it's
really better without those ;) to me those files look more like tapes on
shelves that way ;\) brilliant!

the only thing i did get dissapointed about ..well, after using motif
gui for a while
that there is no way of resizing the channel pannes ..
it's proly realy fine with a big monitor and just one or two channels,
but i do work with four and six channel files quite regulary and my
monitor is just 15 inch ..

in fact what made me go for gtk gui was this error:
:(dlopen "/opt/audio/lib64/xm.so")
"/opt/audio/lib64/xm.so: undefined symbol: _XmStrings22"

i had upgraded openmotif and snd as well and that error came up,
but just now i found that there is an extra package in gentoo portage
"x11-libs/openmotif-compat Legacy Open Motif libraries for old binaries"
so i had just installed that and the _XmStrings22 probem vanished :))

it's a shame that gtk does take up too much memory, i have tested it
with the same file and with gtk interface it had a lot more
[under|over]run's detected ..

gtk does look a lot brighter but memory is a massive issue.

are most of the people using gtk or motif Snd?

happy editing!
ilya .д 

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