[CM] Grace import-events

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 29 06:57:56 PDT 2008

Hi adam, im sorry for the delay my internet at home stopped working  
several days ago and i dont get into my office much right now. ill  
take a look at this if you can send me the offending sco file.

i will also be adding csound importing to grace, which already has  
csound5 support built in. maybe the right way to do this is to use the  
csound5 lib to read the sco file and then get the data from that. ill  
look to see if the csound5 api supports this.  if this were possible  
then maybe even complex sco files with "carry parameters" could be  
imported into lisp.

On Jul 26, 2008, at 10:10 AM, Adam wrote:

> Grace 0.0.1 which reports Common Music 2.11.1 in
> its output,  is running on my distant XP machine.
> Maybe this is too old a version, and now works right.
> My problem is, using import-events on a simple .sco
> Csound file, the console output shows the 7 p-fields,
> but reports an error for an extra 8th p-field where the
> CR or CR/LF is.  sub-objects then doesn't work.
> Error goes something like,
> (defparameter s1 (import-events "a1.sco"))
> "i11  1 1 0.6 220 0.7 103"Skipping unimplemented statement:
> "i11  5 2 0.5 180 0.9 103"; warning: Importing non-numerical p8  
> value: I11.
> Skipping unimplemented statement:
> "i11 . . . ditto as above . . . .
> (subobjects s1)
>  CONTAINER-SUBOBJECTS> with arguments (NIL). no method is applicable.
> Does import-events work OK for sco files in the current release ?
> Or is it something at this end ?
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