[CM] multichannel files with up to 36 channels interleaved

Ludger Bruemmer lb at zkm.de
Sun Jul 6 11:31:22 PDT 2008

Hi Bill,

I tried to generate interleaved multichannel files, especially for our  
47 channel sound dome and ran into problems.
I think interleaved files would be better to read for the discs  
because the head doesnt have to jump as much.
It looks that the size of multichannel files is limited in absolute  
size. Computing those files resulted in shortened sounds-durations.  
The more channel there are the shorter was the duration.
Is there any way I could create longer soundfiles, something like
36 channels, 48 (or even 96) kHz, 24bit and 25 minute of duration?  
would the counter of the runloop need a to be special format?

The duration limit of the mentioned format is currently limited to a  
duration of 8 min53 seconds.



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Am 04.07.2008 um 20:24 schrieb Bill Schottstaedt:

>> Wow, _very_ nice! I presume this applies to scheme only right? (I  
>> forget
>> which lisp you were testing this with).
> Thanks!  I'm kinda pleased too.  I'm using guile right now -- I can't
> figure out sbcl's threads,  can't remember whether ruby has threads,
> and I don't think fth has them.
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