Maybe a Wiki page? - (was: [CM] newbie on OSX - graceCL and sbcl...)

Heinrich Taube taube at
Fri, 15 Feb 2008 16:15:04 -0600

yes  a wicki would be nice but i cqnt even keep up with the current  
documentation and code base! i will certainly add something to the  
sourceforge cm page about the new apps, this has been on my todo list  
for a long time...

On Feb 15, 2008, at 11:21 AM, padovani wrote:

> Actually I think that it would be very nice to have some kind of  
> wiki page... I mean, the doc is just fine, but it would be also nice  
> to have a web page where people could post their experiences  
> installing GraceCL on specific configurations (just like me with OSX  
> 10.4.11 - needed a specific version of the sbcl bnaries and with  
> UbuntuStudio, some months ago, have experienced some kind of system  
> muting)...
> This kind of page is also nice because people could place lisp, sal  
> or scheme codes that they have created to solve specific  
> compositional problems and people that don't know Grace would have a  
> more sensible idea about what they could do with it (you know, when  
> they would search on Google it would be there) ;)
> I think that it would help to create more exchange between the  
> GraceCL users/developers and also to spread it...
> But, it's just an idea (I have no idea how is the work to create a  
> wiki page - probably they have a php pack to place in a server....)
> Well, just thoughts...
> PS: I have noticed that the cm page ( 
> ) does not say anything about Grace... As I found out CM by this  
> page, it would be nice to have some paragraph about Grace with links  
> to the binaries/sources there...