[CM] newbie on OSX - graceCL and sbcl...

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Fri, 15 Feb 2008 07:06:55 -0600

ok good. most of the problems people have seem to be with getting sbcl  
up and running. if the GraceCL docs can make this process any easier  
or clearer please let me know.  i considered shipping the lisp inside  
the app but then i have to worry about things running everywhere.  
maybe if there is a universal clisp i could ship that with the app and  
people could switch to sbcl if they wanted. but then they would still  
be having problems. if you dont need CM the Grace enviroment is much  
easier to work with since scheme is embedded.  over time most of CM  
functionality will be moved into it. i  am thinking of branching a new  
CM 3 development line as a non-object oriented, realtime verion of cm  
to do this.
On Feb 15, 2008, at 5:21 AM, padovani wrote:

> It's working now! Thanks...
> Do you know, I am really a newbie on OSX... needed Xtools and  
> sbcl-1.0.10 binaries (because I am using OSX 10.4.11)....
> I'll need some time to adapt to Macs (I am always searching for the  
> PC's del key for example).. :)

yes but onb the upside you get a command key that doesnt conflict with  
the control key. this makes working in the grace editor really nice  
sincd you have emacs and mac commands always at your fingertips.

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