Maybe a Wiki page? - (was: [CM] newbie on OSX - graceCL and sbcl...)

padovani josepadovani at
Fri, 15 Feb 2008 15:21:50 -0200

Actually I think that it would be very nice to have some kind of wiki 
page... I mean, the doc is just fine, but it would be also nice to have 
a web page where people could post their experiences installing GraceCL 
on specific configurations (just like me with OSX 10.4.11 - needed a 
specific version of the sbcl bnaries and with UbuntuStudio, some months 
ago, have experienced some kind of system muting)...
This kind of page is also nice because people could place lisp, sal or 
scheme codes that they have created to solve specific compositional 
problems and people that don't know Grace would have a more sensible 
idea about what they could do with it (you know, when they would search 
on Google it would be there) ;)
I think that it would help to create more exchange between the GraceCL 
users/developers and also to spread it...
But, it's just an idea (I have no idea how is the work to create a wiki 
page - probably they have a php pack to place in a server....)
Well, just thoughts...

PS: I have noticed that the cm page 
( does not say anything 
about Grace... As I found out CM by this page, it would be nice to have 
some paragraph about Grace with links to the binaries/sources there...

Heinrich Taube escreveu:
> ok good. most of the problems people have seem to be with getting sbcl 
> up and running. if the GraceCL docs can make this process any easier 
> or clearer please let me know.  i considered shipping the lisp inside 
> the app but then i have to worry about things running everywhere. 
> maybe if there is a universal clisp i could ship that with the app and 
> people could switch to sbcl if they wanted. but then they would still 
> be having problems. if you dont need CM the Grace enviroment is much 
> easier to work with since scheme is embedded.  over time most of CM 
> functionality will be moved into it. i  am thinking of branching a new 
> CM 3 development line as a non-object oriented, realtime verion of cm 
> to do this.
> On Feb 15, 2008, at 5:21 AM, padovani wrote:
>> It's working now! Thanks...
>> Do you know, I am really a newbie on OSX... needed Xtools and 
>> sbcl-1.0.10 binaries (because I am using OSX 10.4.11)....
>> I'll need some time to adapt to Macs (I am always searching for the 
>> PC's del key for example).. :)
> yes but onb the upside you get a command key that doesnt conflict with 
> the control key. this makes working in the grace editor really nice 
> sincd you have emacs and mac commands always at your fingertips.
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