[CM] updated betas, win32 with csound port

Fitzpatrick, Denis F fitzpatrickd at boystown.org
Sun Apr 27 13:09:29 PDT 2008

On win32 XP I received the message smiling emoticon telling me I was
connected to csound, but produced no sound.  The score generating worked fine
when performed with 5.08 csound5gui in realtime mode. I'm not too familiar
with the csound command line, but did go through the various dac numbers that
are reported in the csound messages to no avail.  


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Subject: [CM] updated betas, win32 with csound port
ive updated the beta binaries of grace+cm3 with a number of bug fixes and
added a win32 binary built with a csound port.

grace OSX/universal:

grace+csound OSX/x86/leopard:

grace WIN32:

grace+csound WIN32:

to use the csound versions you have to install csound5. on win32 the app was
linked against c:/program files/csound/bin/csound64.dll.5.1 so you may need
this exact path on your machine for it to work (sorry, i dont know much about
dll linking on windows yet...)

the csound port seems to be working but i dont hear any sound on my machine
-- im not sure if its a problem or if im just not initing csound playback
correctly for my hardware setup. ive tried a number of things without any
luck, it would be nice to know if anyone can make sound -- start with the
csound example from the Help>Examples> menu


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