[CM] music5?

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Sat Apr 26 17:18:45 PDT 2008

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> This is fantastic!  I got rid of some of the problems by splitting
> it into 6 separate programs (one for each "page" in the output).
> I wasn't around, or rather I wasn't at SAIL during those years
> (I was an undergrad at Stanford, and actually took a course from
> JC in 1969, but I wasn't interested in computer music at that
> time -- I thought I wanted to be a mathematician).  SAIL had
> a PDP-10 and a PDP-6.  My impression was that the musicians
> used the PDP-6, but this code says it is for the PDP-10.
> I like the "WHERE IS HARVEY" error message.  Snd needs
> some of those.
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Well ... there's a fundamental issue in PASS1 that may not be easily 
overcome. On a PDP-6 or PDP-10, I believe the words were 36 bits and the 
characters six bits, with six characters fitting into a word. It looks 
like a lot of the DATA statements are expecting this. On Linux/i386, 
however, an INTEGER is 32 bits and there are four eight-bit characters 
in it.

PASS2 is relatively clean ... I think it had only one or two issues 
preventing it from compiling. PASS3 is a mess :(.

Stanford doesn't throw *anything* away ... you might be able to find a 
PDP-6 compiler somewhere and get "simh" to work on it. IIRC "simh" is 
"mostly" old DEC boxes and the folks who hang out on that web site 
probably have some of the PDP-6 software. The PDP-6 was a much simpler 
beast than the 10, so if you can get this to work on an emulated PDP-6, 
you might be better off than trying to port it.

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