[CM] music5?

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Apr 26 16:31:38 PDT 2008

This is fantastic!  I got rid of some of the problems by splitting
it into 6 separate programs (one for each "page" in the output).
I wasn't around, or rather I wasn't at SAIL during those years
(I was an undergrad at Stanford, and actually took a course from
JC in 1969, but I wasn't interested in computer music at that
time -- I thought I wanted to be a mathematician).  SAIL had
a PDP-10 and a PDP-6.  My impression was that the musicians
used the PDP-6, but this code says it is for the PDP-10.
I like the "WHERE IS HARVEY" error message.  Snd needs
some of those.

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