[CM] Realtime Grace with Scheme

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed, 28 Nov 2007 07:15:49 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:
>>  But how do I actually get sound from your examples ?
> [1] Select an output device under the Ports menu of the Consolw WINdow
>     Ports>MIdi Out> ...
>  Once you select a device use Ports>Midi Out>Test Output to make sure 
> you have sound.
> [2] Open a lisp buffer, add your code and hit Command-Return after an 
> expr to eval it. (on linux Command==control key, or use C-x C-e if you 
> enable emacs commands.)
> Do Midi Input in a simiar way:
>     Ports>Midi In> ...
>     Ports>Midi In>Test Input
Cool, thanks a lot. Alas, no sound. :(

I get this messaging from the terminal :

calling process node 1003...
minor GC
minor GC
minor GC
...done calling process node 1003
deleted process node 1003
Queue size: 0
scheduling queue is empty
isopen=0 isactive=0

> It was tested on Gentoo and it works, but i cant get midiout sound on 
> my old dell/fedora  box. so its either my old machine or some a 
> juce/linux issue that i dont understand. Grace's code is exactly the 
> same for Linux and Mac. Things work great on OSX, you can select an 
> external device or use the Inter Application bus and route data to 
> SimpleSynth or whatever.
> so if you can select output devices but dont get sound ill have to get 
> help from you how to debug the linux side of things, i dont understant 
> the midi routing on linux at all.
I may not be much help, especially if the MIDI implementation is more 
ALSA than OSS, but I might know someone who could help. I'll get in 
touch with Lucio Asnaghi, he's the developer of JOST, and he's been 
doing stuff with JUCE for quite a while, including a lot of MIDI stuff.

Meanwhile I'll keep hacking. :)