[CM] Realtime Grace with Scheme

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed, 28 Nov 2007 05:30:17 -0600

> That's great news. I was wondering what's going on with Grace, now  
> I know. :)

todd and i have been working away.  The Grace Common Lisp binding is  
working well now and quite stable, im teaching with it and its  
functioning just as well as CM with Emacs and Slime which i dont use  
any more. Sal is also very stable and easy to teach with.

This new scheme binding has been alot of work and there is still lots  
more to do. The big advange over rts is its all in C++ in one  
package. we are using vanilla juce threads so things should work  
everywhere. the scheme functions we implement are really just  
wrappers around C code.

>  But how do I actually get sound from your examples ?

[1] Select an output device under the Ports menu of the Consolw WINdow
	Ports>MIdi Out> ...
  Once you select a device use Ports>Midi Out>Test Output to make  
sure you have sound.
[2] Open a lisp buffer, add your code and hit Command-Return after an  
expr to eval it. (on linux Command==control key, or use C-x C-e if  
you enable emacs commands.)

Do Midi Input in a simiar way:
	Ports>Midi In> ...
	Ports>Midi In>Test Input

It was tested on Gentoo and it works, but i cant get midiout sound on  
my old dell/fedora  box. so its either my old machine or some a juce/ 
linux issue that i dont understand. Grace's code is exactly the same  
for Linux and Mac. Things work great on OSX, you can select an  
external device or use the Inter Application bus and route data to  
SimpleSynth or whatever.
so if you can select output devices but dont get sound ill have to  
get help from you how to debug the linux side of things, i dont  
understant the midi routing on linux at all.