[CM] Disk full with SND files in /tmp

René Bastian rbastian@free.fr
Fri, 25 May 2007 09:41:14 +0200

Le Vendredi 25 Mai 2007 02:46, Bill Schottstaedt a écrit :
> > Wont that load the full contents of the original sound file into RAM?
> > (or does that already happen?)
> No.  It makes no difference in that regard.  Normally Snd loads about
> 8192 samples into RAM per reader.   And calling the GC won't help,
> as I mentioned before.

Loading only 8192 samples into RAM has the effect that the playback
of a sound file is often disrupted : Snd cannot be
utilized on stage (the same can happen with with newer versions
of linuxian software, i.e. play or aplay ... whereas the older versions
worked fine).

René Bastian