[CM] sbcl / cm / win32

Christophe Rhodes csr21@cantab.net
Sat, 10 Mar 2007 07:32:13 +0000

"James Baker" <cycle.code.media@gmail.com> writes:

> rick,
> was just mucking around with sbcl (1.0.2) under windows and thought id
> try and get cm to load but ive hit a brickwall
> ; CM install directory: "D:\code\lib\cm-cvs\cm\"
> ; Loading "bin/sbcl_1.0.2_windows-i686/pkg.fasl"
> ; Generating "src/iter.lisp"
> debugger invoked on a SB-FORMAT:FORMAT-ERROR:
>  error in FORMAT: unknown format directive (character: Return)
>  ~%;;; generated by scheme->cltl from ~A.~A ~
>                       on ~A~%~%
>                                              ^
> any ideas?

The support in SBCL for windows for DOS line endings (CRLF) is
incomplete, and this error message is a symptom: the FORMAT call sees
a directive ~<CR>, which SBCL treats as undefined.  If you were to
convert the CM sources that you have to Unix line endings (that is,
using just LF instead of CRLF as the newline sequence) then this error
would probably disappear.