[CM] inf-snd.el?

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 7 Mar 2007 15:59:30 -0800

I think I found the open-listener-if-separate-causes-segfault problem;
I made a new snd-8.tar.gz and updated the CVS files.  To fix it
without going to those sources, change handle_listener in snd-glistener.c

void handle_listener(bool open)
  if ((open) && (!listener_text))

  if ((SOUND_PANE(ss)) && /* might be run -separate with no sound open */
      (sound_style(ss) != SOUNDS_IN_SEPARATE_WINDOWS))
      int hgt;
      hgt = widget_height(SOUND_PANE(ss));
      if (open)
	  if (hgt > 100) /* we can get here before the sound window has opened, but with one pending.
			  *   the position is in terms of current size, which is useless in this case.
	    gtk_paned_set_position(GTK_PANED(SOUND_PANE(ss)), (gint)(hgt * .75));
      else gtk_paned_set_position(GTK_PANED(SOUND_PANE(ss)), hgt);