[CM] CM.app and Screamer

Sciss contact@sciss.de
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 08:48:01 +0100 (MET)


i'm new to the list and pretty bad in common lisp. i'm happy to be  
finally able to run Common Music on my mac intel using the latest all- 
in-one-package app. so i can run CM and it will appear inside  
Aquamacs, things work.

i would like to try out torsten anders' arno library, which in turn  
requires screamer to be installed. i downloaded screamer but it has  
no proper docs, no installation faq etc. it seems its for people who  
know how to "compile" lisp and get it into their environment. is  
there an easy step-by-step text showing me how i can compile and/or  
install screamer to work with CM.app (aquamacs)? i guess i have to  
put the sources somewhere in the package contents and then add a few  
lines to some emacs configuration file?

i don't know anything about the library import / linking features of  
lisp so any hints are welcome. the lisp environment as i understand  
is SBCL.

thanks, -sciss-