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M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb@cesmail.net
Sun, 28 Jan 2007 09:49:13 -0800

Rick Taube wrote:
>> The original poster was very clear about his preferences, and we 
>> should respect those preferences. If the system is supposed to work 
>> with Windows then his questions are relevant. If it's not going to 
>> work with Windows, or if the developers can't or won't support it, 
>> then the developers should just say so. It's not a big deal otherwise.
> Since landspeed was using cygwin i thought it was reasonable to 
> suggest linux. if its not an option, then cm and portmidi and 
> midishare all work on xp, or at least they should.  cm and most of the 
> package should work with either clisp or sbcl on xp. really its more a 
> matter of cffi than the os.
> as for clm, its a bit tricker because instruments require a c compiler 
> and a reasonable shell environment to configure and call it. im not 
> sure about the availablity of either of those on xp. im not saying 
> that they arent there, just that i dont know. if they are there, then 
> its simply a matter of someone that has access and interest doing a 
> bit of work. thats the great advantage of free software and a 
> community of folk with intersecting interests.
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Well, here's the way I understand it:

1. Common Music "should work" on Windows XP. It's not a real time 
application for the most part, and some hack -- for example, Cygwin or 
the free as in beer VMware Player or Server running Planet CCRMA should 
be fairly easy to set up. Both "guile" and "clisp" are in Cygwin. As it 
happens, I have a dual-boot XP and Gentoo system and if I get ambitious, 
I might try to get one of these options working.

2. Common Lisp Music, on the other hand, *is* a real-time application. 
As such, I would expect only a native port to provide acceptable 
performance. Running this under VMware would probably be a disaster, and 
it might work on Cygwin, but I personally wouldn't waste the developer 
cycles given 3 below.

3. There *is* a native Windows port of CSound 5. Much as I dislike the 
CSound syntax, it is a de facto standard for synthesis software and 
Common Music interfaces to it. There are also many wrappers available 
for CSound 5. If the original poster doesn't already have CSound 5, he 
or she should check it out. As a side note, I haven't been able to get 
the source version of it to build on my Gentoo system successfully, but 
the binary Linux distribution runs fine. Another project for another 
weekend. :)

4. For notation, "lilypond" is part of the standard Cygwin distribution. 
I imagine CMN will also work on Cygwin, but I haven't tried it given 
that "lilypond" is there.

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