[CM] More XP & CLM

Dave Phillips dlphillips@woh.rr.com
Sat, 27 Jan 2007 08:27:25 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:

> Since landspeed was using cygwin i thought it was reasonable to  
> suggest linux.

I agree, it's perfectly reasonable. The only problem is learning how to 
use Linux. :)

A relevant problem is the absence of the Common software from the 
multimedia-optimized distros. IIRC only PlanetCCRMA routinely includes 
the whole family. Many live CDs include Snd but ignore the riches of 
Common Music, CLM, and CMN. I've bitched about this before (to the 
distro maintainers), to little or no avail. Not including CM in those 
distros is an appalling oversight, and yes, I will keep bitching about 
it (not here, no fear :).

If the Common software were available on one of the live CDs then 
landspeed could simply download an ISO, burn a disc, and boot into a 
non-invasive Linux "sandbox" in which he could work with a new OS 
without having to make a hardware commitment. The MusiX and Dynebolic 
systems are two of my favorite live systems, I'll bug their maintainers 
to get happy with the Commoners. :)

> if its not an option, then cm and portmidi and  midishare all work on 
> xp, or at least they should.  cm and most of  the package should work 
> with either clisp or sbcl on xp. really its  more a matter of cffi 
> than the os.
> as for clm, its a bit tricker because instruments require a c  
> compiler and a reasonable shell environment to configure and call it.  
> im not sure about the availablity of either of those on xp. im not  
> saying that they arent there, just that i dont know. if they are  
> there, then its simply a matter of someone that has access and  
> interest doing a bit of work. thats the great advantage of free  
> software and a community of folk with intersecting interests.

Am I correct to assume that Windows doesn't exactly make it easy to set 
up a non-Microsoft development environment ?