[CM] How to get record function working with snd?

Sergey Maslennikov sn@rplab.ru
Sat, 06 Jan 2007 23:51:10 +0300

> Could anybody explain how to get sound recording (from microphone input) 
> working in snd?
> It seems that snd does not discover input device. The error message 
> appeared when I'm trying to do File:Record (from menus) is "no audio 
> input device available".

I have recompiled snd with --with-alsa option and the meters have 
appeared for "Analog In" and "Line Out" but there is still no meter for 
"Microphone", and the meters appeared display nothing while the 
microphone is plugged (the pointer should move because, at least, of 
noise from the microphone). There is also some suspicious note in a blue 
control at the bottom of "Record" window: "open device". This looks like 
snd tried to discover some device and this device was not discovered 

Could anybody assist me to adjust sound recording through snd?