[CM] How to get record functi working with snd?

Sergey Maslennikov sn@rplab.ru
Sat, 06 Jan 2007 15:54:50 +0300

Could anybody explain how to get sound recording (from microphone input) 
working in snd?

It seems that snd does not discover input device. The error message 
appeared when I'm trying to do File:Record (from menus) is "no audio 
input device available".

In my system, such the programs as rec, KRec, and KWave are able to 
record sound. My card is Intel HDA, the sound system is ALSA (from 
2.6.19 Linux Kernel), the distribution is Slackware 11.

I'm novice in snd and generally in sound edition. I found some software 
able to exclude hum spectral components from one of quite old tape 
records. snd have appeared to be good for this because it allowed 
arbitrary edition of the spectrum. Besides, it seems that this program 
is more reliable than other sound programs. I have become interested in 
how to do other things in snd but my educational background in sound 
systems has appeared to be extremely low. Now, I'm unsuccessfully trying 
to record something from mic. in...

Thanks advance,