[CM] microtonal support now in grace

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun, 9 Dec 2007 12:30:34 -0600

rev 1504 of Grace has microtonal support and channel instrument  
assignment implemented.
the microtonal support is a pretty big improvement over cm's channel- 

   * the new MidiOut>Microtuning menu lets you quickly see/set your
     microtonal quanitzation and to configure things like the pitchbend
     width of the device you are using.

   * more than channel zero is microtunable and you can assign separate
     instruments to your microtonal channels. For example Quartertone
     tuning give you eight discrete microtonal channel, each can have  
     own instrument.

   * new MidiOut>Instruments... dialog window is an easy way to assign
     instuments to the available channels of your device. what  
channels you
     get depends on the tuning in effect.

i also fixed the  scheduler's (stop) and (pause) fuctions to work  
correctly when you pass specfic process id's to stop.