[CM] CM on XP

James Baker cycle.code.media@gmail.com
Fri, 31 Aug 2007 10:32:32 +1000

i used to use vanilla emacs(with slime) + clisp + cm on my xp machine,
but that was before the sbcl port took off.  that worked quite well.
if you want to use a scheme backend though, well thats a fair bit more
difficult.  the best results i had with scheme was from installing
guile via cygwin.

btw, this was all 6-8 months ago so things may be different now.



On 8/31/07, Adam <ahcnz@ihug.co.nz> wrote:
> Forgive me, folks.  I suddenly have the use of a fast
> Win XP machine - whereas I alread have CM + Slime
> + Emacs up and running on my old Linux box.
> So I am looking at,
> http://commonmusic.sourceforge.net/doc/cm.html
> and would like to ask - how does Common Music best
> work on an XP machine ?  Which Emacs ?
> I would guess Xemacs, Common Lisp, Common Music,
> (but with no CM Realtime or graphs).
> Can anyone please provide a thumbnail sketch of the
> components or setup I should be looking at ?
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