[CM] Re: [ANN] SND-ls V0.9.7.0

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 28 Sep 2006 18:01:25 -0700

> i dont understand the -temp-dir argument, i am running debian, you 
> probably fc, so i dont have the /zap file, so "." will be used. 
> should i live with this? 

The "temp-dir" variable is where temporary files are written.  These are
normally cleaned up by Snd before it exits, but here at ccrma the abnormal
can happen.  So, the "-temp-dir" argument makes sysadmins happy (or less
unhappy?) -- orphaned temp files can be deleted ("zapped") upon logout, and
precious disk space conserved.  In your case, "." is fine, I think -- if Snd
crashes with edits in progress, you may notice a .snd file left behind.

> another thing is that the record function does not works (and it never 
> did on my machine). 
> when i open record-dialog, the hole program segfaults, or even worse the 
> hole machine freezes, only reset and a new boot helps. 
> can i send you any more information that can help you to debugg? 

Yes, please send me whatever (mus-audio-describe) prints out; also
if possible, run Snd under gdb, hit the segfault, and get a stack trace --
that will tell me where to look first.  Thanks!

(If you're using jack, this is a known bug that is on my to-do list).