[CM] Re: [ANN] SND-ls V0.9.7.0

Dragan Noveski perodog@gmx.net
Fri, 29 Sep 2006 02:33:42 +0200

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> You can build Snd without fam (use the --without-fam configure argument).
> The warning you are getting should not cause any subsequent trouble -- it's
> just reporting that the file monitor apparently isn't happy.  "fam" refers to
> either libfam (old SGI-style), or libgamin (its replacement) -- it's a way
> to get an event if a file or a directory changes (rather than polling).
but what is that meaning (from README.snd):

Here at CCRMA, we use this configure invocation:

  ./configure --with-alsa --with-temp-dir=/zap --with-static-xm --with-gl

i dont understand the -temp-dir argument, i am running debian, you 
probably fc, so i dont have the /zap file, so "." will be used.
should i live with this?

another thing is that the record function does not works (and it never 
did on my machine).
when i open record-dialog, the hole program segfaults, or even worse the 
hole machine freezes, only reset and a new boot helps.
can i send you any more information that can help you to debugg?

very much thanks for the help and