[CM] CM and Csound API

todd ingalls testcase@asu.edu
Wed, 27 Sep 2006 09:12:02 -0700

Victor Lazzarini and I have just been talking about this and trying  
to fix up the CFFI interface so it is workable. What is in csound5  
now is just generated from verazzano but I think swig would do a  
better job and also it is clearer to me how this should work.

i would also like to point out that i have made cffi wrapper for  
Lazzarini SndObj library and I hope to add this to the cvs for that  
soon. I also have some additional code that uses portaudio and a few  
extra classes to define realtime "synths" in lisp and schedule them  
under rts. I hope to soon add this to cvs so people can start playing  
with it, but i keep finding extra functionality i want to add as i  
use it in my own work - i need to stop that and just put the code up  

as far as Juce goes, i have SWIG code that generates a C wrapper and  
CFFI bindings for juce. The main issue is that many of the UI classes  
rely on subclassing a "model" class and a "listener" class and  
overloading viurtual methods for them to work properly. this is fine  
but the only way i have been able to determine to make these useable  
from lisp is to make subclasses of these that have constructors that  
accept function pointers that are called by the overloaded methods.  
on top of this my C++ skills are not very good so it is taking soemtime.

if anyone is interested in any of the above please contact me off  
list and maybe we can set up a group to speed up development.

On Sep 27, 2006, at 8:10 AM, Ken wrote:

> I am thinking of doing some work on the FFI interface to Csound so  
> cm and csound can play together, through the Csound API.  I am  
> primarily interested in realtime ouptut, meaning, realtime  
> algorithmic generation, realtime midi recording and manipulation of  
> live midi streams, and playback etc.  Are their any pointers anyone  
> can provide towards these goals?
> Also, what is your opinion Rick, on python vs lisp as far as  
> development.  It seems alot of people have moved towards python,  
> but I see great potential in Common Music, Csound especially with a  
> GUI, I'm thinking of Juce from recent discussions.
> Thanks for any help,
> Ken
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