[CM] CM and Csound API

Ken renueden@earthlink.net
Wed, 27 Sep 2006 09:48:13 -0700

I am interested in helping in any way I can.  My skills are fairly 
limited, but my motivation is high.  I have played extensively with all 
manner of commercial software in windows, and for me it is inevitable 
that I create something a bit more personal for my own use, taking the 
best ideas that I have seen.  You seem to be moving towards what I'm 
thinking, so perhaps I should wait for you to put your code in cvs, (you 
mean Csound5 cvs, yes?).  Meanwhile, I'll dig in and get myself setup. 

I have no knowledge of the SndObj lib, does it obliterate the need for 
Csound?  I really like Reaktor, how one can create synths and fx 
processors with presets and call them up.  I am/was hoping to create 
some kind of interface for Csound that can do that, thus my interest in 
Juce.  Same goes for CM.  I really feel the need for a gui of some 
kind.  Are there other gui toolkits that would be better?  I know Rick 
did some work with GTK2. 

Keep me in the loop,

todd ingalls wrote:
> ken,
> Victor Lazzarini and I have just been talking about this and trying to 
> fix up the CFFI interface so it is workable. What is in csound5 now is 
> just generated from verazzano but I think swig would do a better job 
> and also it is clearer to me how this should work.
> i would also like to point out that i have made cffi wrapper for 
> Lazzarini SndObj library and I hope to add this to the cvs for that 
> soon. I also have some additional code that uses portaudio and a few 
> extra classes to define realtime "synths" in lisp and schedule them 
> under rts. I hope to soon add this to cvs so people can start playing 
> with it, but i keep finding extra functionality i want to add as i use 
> it in my own work - i need to stop that and just put the code up 
> somehwere.
> as far as Juce goes, i have SWIG code that generates a C wrapper and 
> CFFI bindings for juce. The main issue is that many of the UI classes 
> rely on subclassing a "model" class and a "listener" class and 
> overloading viurtual methods for them to work properly. this is fine 
> but the only way i have been able to determine to make these useable 
> from lisp is to make subclasses of these that have constructors that 
> accept function pointers that are called by the overloaded methods. on 
> top of this my C++ skills are not very good so it is taking soemtime.
> if anyone is interested in any of the above please contact me off list 
> and maybe we can set up a group to speed up development.